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Not sure if this is for PAL systems only. Tried on my physical system (w/Everdrive) and it was erratic/glitchy.

greetings am wondering how much the cartridge version cost? was it only available through Patreon or was it available via other sites too? Thanks in advance for your help.

I grew up on IK+ on the Amiga and not sure if this is complete.  The hit points don't seem to count so you have no idea who is winning, the enemy AI is poor and barely move out of their starting areas. The bonus levels are not a patch on the amiga version.  For the bouncing balls levels I just moved left and right to deflect as there was no need to duck etc.  The bomb level is terrible.  Looks OK but plays poorly in comparison to the original in it's current state.  Tested on an emulator

Hi. Its not easy to get in contact with you. Now that you stopped your activities on Patreon what will that mean for my IK+ cart you promised me? Can I still hope to get it?


did they ever get in contact with you bro?

No. They took my money, made false promises and didn't replied since.

sorry to hear that bro. How much did they charge you for the physical cartridge? did you have to sign up to patreon to make the purchase?

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For 10 month paying 15 USD on Patreon you were promised a game. I did this twice. The first game they actually delivered but after paying 150 USD a second time they only told me that I will have the game before a vaccine against covid will be available. That was the last I heard. They disappeared from patreon and never again replied elsewhere.

oh. what game did you receive?