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Maria Renard's Revenge is an Amiga Castlevania fan game developed by Domkid using the Scorpion Engine.

You play as Maria Renard,  she is a young vampire huntress, daughter of distant kinship with the House of Belmont, who has to traverse through dangerous landscapes and fight many monsters through 4 levels, while defending herself with the use of a bird that protects her from harm...

Final version

System requirements

Amiga 1200/Amiga CD32  with 1Mo FastRam 
The A500 Mini


Thank's to Aamatniekss, Ansimuz and Konami for graphics maps and Sprites

Thank's to Earok  for the amazing  Scorpion Engine 

Thank you very much for your support!

Not For Resale!

Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
TagsAmiga, castlevania, maria-renard


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Maria_Renards_Revenge_lha.zip 1 MB
Maria_Renards_Revenge_iso.zip 1 MB
Maria_Renards_Revenge_Win.zip 9 MB
Maria_Renards_Revenge_A500_mini.zip 1 MB


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Very Well Made Amiga Game I Can Confirm Complete Compatibility On Apple Iphone 12 All I Did Is Extracted The Mini 500 Zip A Few Times And Ran One Of The Files In The Dev Scorpion Folder And It Works Only One Thing Game Is Pretty Damn Difficult So Its A HardType Game For Sure And Because Of That It Will Bring This What Would Have Been An 8.5 down to a 7.5/10 rating for me ;)

Hi, Really nice  game... it works Great on my real A1200.

But May I ask You to add these nice icons from mfilos  to Your zip files .


Best regards, Pascal

Works lovely from "CD" on my desktop. I do think that if someone's using the CD32 controller (or emulated equivalent ;) ) then up-for-jump should be disabled. It's annoying when you accidentally "tap" up on an XBox controller and jump into a baddie. Some people might want to play with a trad joystick as well, so maybe give people the option?

how do you start the game?

I’m playing on Amiga and have loaded up the splash screen but can’t get any further. Have pressed every button the keyboard and nothing happens.


Wow. Very impressive work. Love it. Thank you very mutch for this!



I knew that Castlevania are not obvious and it bothers me to be so quickly blocked in the game because it looks great, but I still can't find how to pass the TITLE SCREEN after the mysterious note "device needs config for cd32: controller (xbox one for windows)" unfortunately I didn't find any tips in the documentation, since it's nonexistent.


hello, pour la version windows, il faut débrancher la manette et lancer le jeu, se joue au clavier avec la touche 'control' pour passer le menu.
dans le jeu 'control' pour tirer et les 4 flèches  'haut bas gauche droite'
haut pour sauter, bas pour se baisser et gauche droite pour se déplacer... merci de votre intérêt pour ce jeu ;-)

Merci ! C'est complètement bête en y réfléchissant mais j'aurai pas pensé à débrancher la manette sur le coup... Mais je peux enfin jouer ! x)

Hello, great game. Will there be an ADF image anytime soon?

Good question

I agree 👍, any chance of ADF version?

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Thank you all for your support...

Nice, but a bit weird game. The girl is pretty, she looks like Caroll's Alice. The music is superb. 👍 Thanks! May the blitter with you.

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Very nice but extremely hard game! Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 01:46:45. Automatic subtitles should be available soon (switch on, if necessary). Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂



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Hi Z-Team, is there a chance to offer an hd-image for the use with MiSter-FPGA? I tried to boot from the .iso but it didn´t work. The .lha file is also not mountable. Thanks and Greets :-)

Hey DomKid! Here's my review. I hope this get even more exposure to your game, because it was a really good time playing it. :)

Congratulation! I really enjoyed your game and I finished it ;)


I need help. Can't launch the 'WIN' game, it freezes on the splash screen.

After some hours learning how to configure WinUAE, same thing. If there is a Nintendo Switch controller connected to the PC, the game boots fast, go through the splash screen, then in the menu it exits automaticaly.

What I'm doing wrong? I want to play/review the game. :/

Well, I figure out the problem. You have to press C key to pass through the splash screen.

BTW, good game overall. The levels are quite short, so I could understand the cheap traps here and there. The sprite looks really pretty.

Here some suggestions:

+longer levels
+more levels (at least 2 more)
+password system for level select at least
+less cheap traps, more enemies
+numerical life counter, since you can have more than 6
+classic music, I like the songs, but where is classic like 'Vampire Killer', 'Bloodlines' and 'Beginning'? At least one would be great.
+a subtitle in the splash screen saying 'press c to continue', so people like me wont get stuck there cursing your name (just joking)

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Thank you for playing, it's my first game and I know that there are different things to improve, thank you for your feedback, I will try to take them into consideration for the future...

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Thanks DomKid, for a first game, it's really great, and as far as I know this is the first fan made adventure with Maria. ^^
In some days I'm posting here my YT video review. :)


Thanks, the game is a lot of fun. I like the soundtrack


Super fun game. Keep up the great work! 


A lot of fun. Level 2 gets tough. Also cannot crouch when you have a cat poer-up. Just editing a video. I'll have it up on my yotube channel tomorrow.


Works good on the CD32, only thing I would suggest is a continue system or password, it really sucks playing the first levels over and over again. 

+1. Good suggestion, please consider it for the next update.

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Hello. Some bug reports

I noticed when the first "shooting enemy" hits you at level 1 (at the beginning of the game), Maria may end up under the platform, so she falls under the screen. You can then move to the right (without the hero on the screen) until the end of the level. Then, since you're not there, you can't do anything else but reset.

maria is under

another issue. I couldn't understand if it's a bug or a feature: some times the hero 'doubles' itself, so I can play with two Marias on the screen. 

thanks for playing and sorry for the bug, I'll fix it...

It's awesome to play. Btw, have you any email address we can use for further communication? 


Hi, any plans for a Sega Genesis / Megadrive version soon ?

Maybe one day, a member of the Z-Team has started very slowly with SGDK, and Earok the developer of the Scorpion Engine for Amiga is working on it for a possible export on Genesis/Megadrive ?

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I think I've found one bug under winUAE.

My usual winUAE config is

  • A1200
  • ROM 3.1 (40.68)
  • RAM 2MB Chip, 1MB Slow, 8MB Fast
  • DH0 Has workbench 3.1 installed with BetterWB 4.3
  •  2 Floppy drivers (DF0 and DF1)
  • 6882 FPU

I can unpack the LHA but when running the game the Scorpion logo flashes up for a tiny moment and then it immediately exits back to workbench. This is same set up I run my real A1200 with but I haven't had a moment to move the LHA over to see if that works. I've tried backing the config down to 0MB slow and 4MB of fast RAM, turned off the FPU and removed DF1 but there was no difference.

I did get it to work in winUAE with a Quickstart A1200 config (2MB Chip, 4MB Fast) loaded. From there I booted with the workbench 3.1 disk (adf) then added the game's windows directory as DH1. From workbench the game now ran correctly. Possibly this is something to do with BetterWB though that seems unlikely and I don't have things installed on my physical A1200 atm.

Next I tried winUAE with my usual hardware config (above) but with a vanilla workbench 3.1 installation on DH0. The game ran fine this way. Perhaps there is something amiss with running this with BetterWB 4.3

Edit: Testing this with a real A1200 and the game boots fine under BetterWB

sorry, I don't use BetterWB 4.3...

Deleted 1 year ago
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Ok. I have tracked down the issue here. My A1200 is set to one of the screen modes BetterWB provides "PAL High Res Laced 640x530" with 256 colours. If I set the colours to less to 32 (anything less than 64 actually) then the game runs perfectly.

I just tried this with a vanilla Workbench 3.1 with various screen modes and colours and these all worked fine.

So at a guess I'd say this might be something to do with how Scorpion sets the screen mode and palette and that seemingly does not play nicely some of what BetterWB provides.

Hopefully this is useful for some folks.

I have the same issue but unfortunatley, even if I reduce the colours and put on low res, the game still crashes back to Workbnech after a split second. Pity. I really wanted to play.

Are you using emulation? Try just booting the workbench disk and playing from there.

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I've fixed it by not having to change me screen mode. Just open CLI and boot it from there, rather than navigate through windows. I'm not emulating.

If you put something eating RAM on your user-startup, then there is the chance you're running out of chip RAM when running the game. Try looking into your startup sequence to see if you can skip something for now. Maybe that BetterWB.

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Yeah, good point. My startup is just the standard 3.1 startup but I do have a lot of harddrives mapped and those eat up memory. And I think the fancy icon set I'm using too might contribute

Ok, I've doublechecked this and I have 1.8Meg of Chip RAM available when trying to start. But I have found the culprit so I've updated my note above with the fix

very good

Congrats, great work !! My 1200 is delighted - and so am I :)


Awesome work so I had to buy the game.

But I cant get the game to work on theA500mini. It only loads up the scorpion engine logo and then goes into a black screen.

Tried the a500mini download and every other with the settings of fast ram and full copper . Help please : )


Thanks, I tried it on mine, it works, I'm looking at my configuration tonight...

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👍🏻 A500mini download only contains a single file (scorpion.lha) Maybe it's missing something or its my configuration setup 😁

Having the exact problem with my A500 Mini as well. Download had the lha and an instructions file, I followed the instructions but maybe I'm missing something 🤔

Have you updated to the latest versions of the A500 mini?

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Yeah, had to do that so that I could use AGS 1.5 too.
I will try another usb without AGS on just incase the settings for that are doing anything weird. (Not sure that should make any difference, but I don't know enough about how it works to confirm)

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Yes, there is only one file.

Here is my working configuration.

Works like a charm now. awesome game. 

Deleted 1 year ago

Awesome Domkid !

I was waiting for this  \(^o^)/

Thank you so very much ♥‿♥

This looks amazing, well done!

Awesome game!


Congratulations for the release!! This is a great game!


Holding off for the final! Can't wait :D

I like the new portrait, fits to the game much more than the manga one. Please replace it in the game title screen too.

thank you, it's done

Un Superbe Castelvania like, voici ma présentation de cette très belle démo qui promet du lourd :-)

merci, le jeu est terminé et bientôt sur Ich.io

very good

very good! Different scenarios, nice enemies, colors,thumbsup for me!
Keep going ;)

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Nice game and plays well. But why is there such a long delay before I appear in the game again after killed? Nothing seems to be loading.

Awesome game!


looks very cool 🙂


this all seem to be a amazing work. Keep it up. 

Wish you Project and your just the best :)