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Rick Dangerous is a very challenging platformer that made you feel like an Indiana Jones character traversing dangerous locations such as caves and temples while avoiding the bad guys and deadly boulders and spiked traps, then you might like this latest news story.

The game was originally developed by Core Design (Simon Phipps) and published by Firebird in 1989 and this version which is a backport of the Nintendo Wii edition (remake  by Magic Team) lwith  32 color palette which is getting a graphical overhaul in development for the Amigamejam competition.

The game was entirely developed with Scorpion Engine and will be delivered in an Amiga 1200 and CD32 version.

Original game by : Core Design
Plateform : ATARI ST / AMIGA OCS
Programmers, Game design: Simon Phipps
Graphic Artist : Simon Phipps, Terry Lloyd
Graphic Artist Wii Version : Dalk
Release : 1989 
Remake : 2022

The Amiga version port contains the follow features..

  • All graphics remastered by Domkid (from Wii Version)
  • Brand new title screen ( 2018 Original illustration by Simon Phipps)
  • Build with Scorpion Engine (Domkid, Troudki)
System requirements

Amiga 1200 ou Amiga CD32 console with 1Mo FastRam.  The game comes as an ADF file and ISO File so either write it to floppy disk/burn cdrom, mount it on a Gotek ( other drive emulators are available) or play on real CD32 console. If you don’t own an Amiga then you can boot the ADF/ISO in any popular emulator such as WinUAE or FS-UAE.


Joystick or Keyboard to control Rick

Fire Button for shoot balls

Key 'B'  to place the bombs

Beta 0.4 Version

  • level South America : almost done
  • level Egypt : WIP 70%
  • level Schwarzendumpf Castle : WIP 70%
  • level Missile Base : WIP 40%  
StatusIn development
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags16-bit, Amiga, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer


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rick_beta04.adf 880 kB


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Do you accept that I put here a link to the PC version of Rick Dangerous Enhanced that I'm coding at the moment please?

How is the development going?
Any plans for a updated Version?
The Game is cool and should please be completed.

Nice update to this classic! Any plans to implement the original controls, or at least support 2 button joystick? How to activate the staff? It used to be fire + left/right, but fire seems to activate the gun instantly.

Hi, I like the Game, are there any Updates since 0.4 in January on the way?


je viens de finir de recoder entierement rick dangerous 2 sur android ,  biensur le .apk est totalement gratuit et sans pub, destiné aux fans.

xrick existe deja sur android mais j'aurais aimé recodé rick 1 avec les excellements graphismes de votre version, sont-ils accessibles d'une maniere ou d'une autre?

voici une courte video du test de ma version et biensur le .apk est dispo a la demande.

merci de votre réponse

(17) Rick Dangerous 2 sur Android !!! (jeu en développement par Frederick) - YouTube


merci, mais pour l'instant les graphismes ne sont pas accessibles, le jeux n'est pas terminé, et il y a eu un travail énorme pour ripper les graphismes de la version Wii qui était sortie il y a qq années, (frame par frame et ensuite  détourage Background, Foreground, Sprites, 32 c...)

alors bientôt peut-être, wait an see!

ah ok, j'aurai aimé juste le level 1 pour coder la base du jeu mais tant pis...

je suis prêt a investir un peu (mais pas trop vu que je ne compte pas vendre le jeu final pour l'instant)

j'esère que vous finirez par accepter de diffuser les graphs, en attendant, beau boulot!!!

This looks great, nice job - supporting the Amiga.

One wish - please add the keyboard support in the next version :)

This looks amazing! When do you estimate full game completion?

Looks amazing! Really can't wait for the full version. I hope you add an echo to the explosion when destroying blockages, kind of nostalgic for me!

Also will POOKY still work?

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WOW Fantastyczna wersja polecam, chyba trudniejsza od "starej" wersji - miodek na oczy



In it's current state the controls need work and the character control isn't tight enough, even the initial part sliding to the side to avoid the inital boulder.  The big thing with the original was how tight the controls are.  The bombs also need to be assigned as per the orignals by pressing fire and down.  Graphically it does look nice but it needs tightening.  Also the first part I need to use a bomb somehow I dropped through the ground and was stuck.

put this on Megadrive!!

It already looks great. Of course, it would be nice if the CD32 version would stand out a bit from the ADF. For example, with videos or CD audio. Of course, these are only suggestions. In any case, you are doing a good job.

Hi! Which Kickstart do you recommend to run the game on WinUAE/FS-UAE? I have tried several, but the game freezes after the first logo (emulators set on A1200 with 1MB RAM)

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All AGA computers came with KickStart 3.x, and 2MB RAM.


I really love your work but I have to say that the current player controls with its momentum (so Rick does not start and stop immediately) totally breaks the game for me. It just feels totally wrong seeing Rick sliding through the levels and dying unnecessary deaths. Please consider changing this to direct controls like in the original games.

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Great stuff guys but absolutely +1  on this. Please please can you re-align the control back in line with tightness of the original  - its a classic & you are sooo close to making a genuine improvement on it 

 "caves and temples while avoiding the bad guys and deadly boulders and spiked traps, then you might like this latest news story." You even used our write up on the website which made me chuckle :D - Looking good with the game guys, keep it up!

yes indeed ;-) ,thanks

Small gameplay:

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I loved the original, but never made it without a trainer ;-) This looks so much better, I love new Amiga Games. Please continue, donated something to you.

Great, thanks.